A label of love

When it comes to doing laundry or figuring out good nutrition, reading labels is very important. That is why my adult son never touches my laundry. According to him, it’s much better to leave a pile of wet clothes on top of the dryer than to risk putting something in the dryer that should not […]

The Only Special Need Is Love

True confession time. Over the last 20-something years of raising and caring for a child with special needs, there have been times when I felt a bit sorry for myself. Of course I never wavered in my devotion to my daughter. But in those precarious moments—especially after the divorce—where the responsibility of being her mom […]

The Untethered Soul (Part 5) : A Cotton Candy Life

Are you happy? Sounds like an easy question. And maybe it is an easy question to answer. But I don’t think it’s an easy question to answer truthfully. I believe that being on a spiritual path—whether you call it sanctifying grace or raising your consciousness—is never a skip through a green meadow while watching a […]

Too old to wear a 2-piece?

Most of the time, I flit around this universe feeling like I am eternally 30-something. Personally, I think that’s a good way to feel. Even though I recently celebrated my 52nd birthday, I still believe all my opportunities for love, success, and general hotness are quite available to me. And if my time on this […]

The Untethered Soul (Part 2) – The Energy Within

Albert Einstein once said “everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.” I totally agree with that viewpoint since I happen to experience the effects of positive and negative energy on a regular basis. Caring for the unexpected mood swings of my 23-year old intellectually disabled daughter requires me to be equal parts […]

The Untethered Soul (Part 1) – What was I thinking?

I love buying and reading books…Not just any books though. All my favorites are somehow focused on answering the big spiritual questions that fill my mind. Granted, there is nothing too unique about liking non-fiction, spiritual self help books. But I discovered there is something interesting that unites avid metaphysical book collectors like myself. Secretly, […]

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