Focus on Fitness – Week 9 – Food for Thought

Earlier this week, as Caitlin and I made our way through the hustle and bustle of morning traffic on yet another chilly Memphis morning, I tuned into a conversation she had started with herself. (You may recognize the names in this one person tête-à-tête if you are a huge fan of James Cameron’s “Avatar” like […]

Focus on Fitness – Week 7 – Dream Big

As the new year begins, I am thrilled to be over half way through my 12 Week Focus on Fitness Challenge. (It makes me happy that I started last November when I see the slightly unsure looks on the faces of the “newbies” in the gym this week. I want to hug them all and […]

I’ve got that joy, joy, joy

Last New Year’s Day, I happened to catch a segment on the Today Show where Jon Gordon explained the purpose of his book, One Word That Will Change Your Life. Basically, his premise is that by identifying one word to focus on for the year (instead of listing out multiple resolutions that get tossed by […]

Focus on Fitness – Week 4 – Brave Heart

Recently, as my roommates (i.e. my adult children) went to California to visit their Dad for a few days, I started feeling an uncomfortable state of dread gnawing away at my inner peace. I felt fine during the daytime, but as the sun went down, I noticed that my fearfulness meter began escalating (from “slightly […]

Focus on Fitness – Week 2 – Have a Little Faith

Week 2 of my Focus on Fitness journey brought on the challenge of navigating through the official start of socially acceptable overeating—Thanksgiving. On Monday, I was invited to attend the Thanksgiving lunch at my daughter’s day program. Not knowing the menu, I packed a healthy salad with protein and set out to the event. Turns […]

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