Focus on Fitness – Week 4 – Brave Heart

Recently, as my roommates (i.e. my adult children) went to California to visit their Dad for a few days, I started feeling an uncomfortable state of dread gnawing away at my inner peace. I felt fine during the daytime, but as the sun went down, I noticed that my fearfulness meter began escalating (from “slightly […]

Focus on Fitness – Week 2 – Have a Little Faith

Week 2 of my Focus on Fitness journey brought on the challenge of navigating through the official start of socially acceptable overeating—Thanksgiving. On Monday, I was invited to attend the Thanksgiving lunch at my daughter’s day program. Not knowing the menu, I packed a healthy salad with protein and set out to the event. Turns […]

Focus on Fitness – Week 1 – Let’s Begin

After quite some time of being in a strictly personal growth mode (which included no dating for four years), I recently decided that I am ready to open my heart again to romantic love. However, being the impatient type, I wanted results right away, so I signed up for Within two weeks, I noticed […]

A label of love

When it comes to doing laundry or figuring out good nutrition, reading labels is very important. That is why my adult son never touches my laundry. According to him, it’s much better to leave a pile of wet clothes on top of the dryer than to risk putting something in the dryer that should not […]

The Only Special Need Is Love

True confession time. Over the last 20-something years of raising and caring for a child with special needs, there have been times when I felt a bit sorry for myself. Of course I never wavered in my devotion to my daughter. But in those precarious moments—especially after the divorce—where the responsibility of being her mom […]

The Untethered Soul (Part 5) : A Cotton Candy Life

Are you happy? Sounds like an easy question. And maybe it is an easy question to answer. But I don’t think it’s an easy question to answer truthfully. I believe that being on a spiritual path—whether you call it sanctifying grace or raising your consciousness—is never a skip through a green meadow while watching a […]

Too old to wear a 2-piece?

Most of the time, I flit around this universe feeling like I am eternally 30-something. Personally, I think that’s a good way to feel. Even though I recently celebrated my 52nd birthday, I still believe all my opportunities for love, success, and general hotness are quite available to me. And if my time on this […]

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