E-Squared Experiment #3 – Do my thoughts affect the energy around me?

Oh Georgia Bulldogs…how you affect my energy levels each weekend! Last weekend the Dawgs faced their [newest] SEC rival, the Missouri Tigers–in Athens–as they continued their dream to play for a spot in the BCS National Championship game. Well, no spoiler alerts here, because every Georgia fan (and every college football fan that pulls against them) knows that we lost that game. Since I am working through the experiments in Pam Grout’s wonderful book, E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality, I thought this game provided the perfect subject to help me test the principle highlighted in Experiment #3.

Thoughts Create Energy

Basically, this experiment sets out to prove that our thoughts and feelings create actual energy waves. I repeat. The thoughts in my head–no matter if they are good or bad–affect the energetic atmosphere around me. And they also create a level of energetic vibration which attracts like energy back to me. That’s why you often hear the phrase “high vibrating thoughts” or “low vibrating thoughts.” In this instance, high is always better than low. By keeping my thoughts at a higher vibration, I will attract good things into my life. But first, we need to prove that my thoughts are literally making waves.

Experiment #3: The Alby Einstein Principle

  • Theory – You are a field of energy in an even bigger field of energy
  • The Question – Could it be true that I’m made up of energy?
  • The Hypothesis – If I am energy, I can direct my energy.
  • Time Required – 2 hours
  • Start Date/Time – 10/13/13 at 3:30pm CST
  • End Date/Time – 10/13/13 at 5:00pm CST
  • The Approach – After making my cool energy wands out of coat hangers, I will test whether or not I can make the wands move only with my thoughts. Moreover, to give credence to the experiment, negative thoughts should make the wands move inward (closing off and shutting down the energy flow); and positive thoughts will make the wands open outward (representing the expansion and outer flow of my energy.)

 Here’s a video of the results

Yes, my thoughts totally made the wands move according to the hypothesis. Now that I know my thoughts are so powerful, I plan to do everything in my power to keep them POSITIVE. (Also, as a bonus gift from the Universe. The author of the book, Pam Grout, viewed my video and left a comment on YouTube. How cool is that?)

If you have any questions about how to make the wands, let me know. And if you try this experiment yourself, please tell me your results in the comments below. Those wands are also known as “Divining Rods” for a reason. The ability you have to receive information and change the energy around you is from the Divine!




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  1. sadat October 18, 2013 at 3:57 AM #

    great job really liked it the more positive you think the more energy and more entertaining it will become keep the good work going

  2. Jill January 3, 2015 at 6:37 PM #

    I have been playing around with my own divining rods. Love this experiment! Better results adding yoga breathing while thinking positive thoughts. Even better results when very relaxed.

    • Janet January 4, 2015 at 3:04 PM #

      Hi Jill — Thanks for coming to the blog and for leaving a comment! I thought it was amazing how my thoughts could move the rods. And I agree with you…controlled breathing and trying to stay relaxed is also key. I love all of her experiments and need to order her new book. Pam Grout actually left the first comment on the YouTube Video I posted which was such a cool honor for me! Stop by again. xoxo Janet

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